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A few cartoons that are mine
A few cartoons that are mine
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This is a compilation of all the cartoons i made in the 7th grade. I saved them on a disk that i recently found. I know they suck, but we all have to start somewhere. I have made plenty since then and I'm trying to recover them cuz i know i saved them somewhere. Well, untill then... try these on for size.

The Adventures of Crazy Kurtis.

The Adventures of Crazy Kurtis: This is an older cartoon. It's crazy adventure of a not-so-average guy named Kurtis who is just trying to have a semi-normal day. There is no sound. It's in black and white. It's really short. No loading screen. It starts over automatically at the end. The antimation is pretty bad. please find it in your heart to cut me some slack!

Bill Cosby- Head Bobbing

Yeah, it's short. I think only like 3 frames. Wanna fight about it? Alright. I can't even give a description of this. So I guess you'll just have to watch it. Or not.

ten stick figures

Ten little stick figures

This is a project I had to do in 7th grade. I had to make a poem about something that has to do with something we had to read.
Poems = boring
Animation = fun
I hope you enjoy it's simplicity.

This is my latest cartoon. It's based on the true story that my forensic science teacher told the class about her "scurity guard days".  It took me 2 weeks, but i've finally finished. If you go there and click "play" and the background turns all grey then you need to download the latest flash player. I don't care if you say you already have it, cuz if you did, then it would be playing. so shut up and watch it.

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