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Zombie games

Zombie Attributes

Too often, the undead have been said to posses superhuman powers: unusual strength, lightning speed,telepathy, etc. Stories range from zombies flying through the air to their scaling vertical surfaces like spiders. While these traits might make for fascinating drama, the individual ghoul is far from a magical omnipotent demon. Never forget that the body of the undead is, for all practical purposes, human. What changes do occur are in the now-infected brain. There is no way a zombie could fly unless the human it used to be could fly. The same goes for projecting force fields, teleportation, moving through solid objects, transforming into a wolf, breathing fire, or a variety of other mystical talents attributed to the walking dead. Imagine the human body as a tool kit. The solmnambuli brain has those tools, and only those tools, at it's disposal. It can not create new ones out of thin air. It can, as you will see, use these tools in unconventional cominations, or push their durability beyond a normal human's limits.