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Zombie games


A zombies eyes aren't very different from the eyes of a normal human's, depending on the rate of decomposition. A reanimated corpse still has the ability to transmit visual signals to it's brain, but studies are inconclusive in determining the ghoul's visual abilities. They are able to spot prey from a distance comparable to a humans, however it has yet to be proven whether or not they can distinguish the human prey from another zombie at these distances.

Zombie theory: A humans movements are quicker and smoother than the movemants of a zombie. ( A zombie posseses awkward, twitchy movements and a staggering limp.)So it has been thought that maybe a zombie's eyes can distinguish the two.

Several experiments have been conducted to try to confuse the undead by humans mocking the oncoming zombie's, but no attempts have been reported successful. It has also been suggested that zombies have night vision, (which makes them prefer night feeding) but it was dismissed after the observation that zombies without eyes also prefer night feeding.

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